A Round Is a Circle

I think I’ve finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up.  Is that strange?  I spent my youth taking the easy roads. Taking the paths of instant gratification.  Now that it will be a hardship and tons of work, I’m finally ready to work towards getting a degree.  I’ve been thinking about it since my son was born, but didn’t want to waste more time.  I spent three very disorganized and unproductive years in college.  I never had a major and just took any class that looked like fun.  From “History of Beethoven” to “Ancient Chinese Medicine” I learned a lot but at the end was no closer to a degree than when I started.  I was 20 when I was offered a position that paid $45k; I took it and abandoned my college career.  When presented with the question of what I wanted to do, I always knew it would involve kids, but I didn’t want to be changing diapers for the rest of my life… so what to do.  I narrowed my skill set down to these:  I am really good at getting down to the level of kids.  I can make them feel comfortable with me.  Kids talk to me and I love getting to see the world through their eyes.  What it boils down to is: I think I’d be a great Child Psychologist.  Working as a social worker, or therapist, or whatever I end up being best at.  I was scared to try, so I’ve been putting school on the back burner.  I kept using the kids as an excuse to not pursue it.  Then I realized that I should be using the kids as a reason to go.  I can set a good example for them if I make education a priority in my life.  So, long story short, I am taking a sociology class starting in two weeks.  It meets for a lecture one night a week and the rest takes place online.  Its going to be tough, Matt will be on his own with the kids every Monday, and he’ll have to leave work an hour early (which means staying an hour late on another day).  He’ll be on his own for dinner and bath and bed times.  I worry about how well Cordelia will do without me for bed time, but she’ll get used to  it (I hope).

Garden News:  We had our first meal from the garden!  And it may be the last if things don’t get growing.  We had pasta with tomato and basil and mozzarella.  It was so YUM!  I’ve been taking advantage of the local farms.  I made a wonderful minestrone, and tomato sauce that truly makes me melt.  I’m going to pick up some more tomatoes this evening to make some more.

Thanks for reading!

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Simply Amazing!

Potty Training:  Charlie peed on the potty 5 times today!  He was in undies, no diaper until 4pm (when we ran out of clean ones… there were a lot of oopsies).  He did such a good job.  I think he’s really getting the hang of it.  But if the diaper is on (even the pull-up) he won’t do it.  I’m wondering how this next step will be accomplished.  

Garden News:  If I was growing mushrooms, we’d be in business.  How does one get rid of these damn spores?  I have no idea what is going on.  I only water in the morning, but over every single night, I get a forest of fungus.  It is a little bit infuriating.  Anyway, I think I’m going to give up a little bit for the year.  I was going to do raised beds in the front yard, but I think I’ll wait and do it next year.  I’m going to fence it in too to avoid the damn rabbits (who devoured my basil and parsley).  

Accomplishments: Seriously.. where do I start.  My house is so clean!  I’ve taken it one room at a time.  After the kids go to bed, I plug in the baby monitor in a room and clean it (top to bottom) before I allow myself to veg.  By the time I’m “done” I totally have to start all over again, but the house is constantly clean enough to have people come over.  Which brings me to the best news ever.  It deserves its own section!

Best News Ever:  So at church on Sunday… there was a girl who had just moved to town… and she had a two year old girl… and the girl is so sweet and played well with Charlie.  And here’s the thing:  I think I’d be friends with her even if we didn’t have kids.  This is what I’ve been looking for!  She’s a teacher in Worcester, so she won’t be around during the days, but her dad is her daughter’s “nanny” and she could have play dates.  And we can hang out on weekends and stuff.  So I invited her over after church (thanks to my house being clean) and they came over and we had such a good time.  That was the first time we’d had another kid in the playroom.  It went really well.  Charlie shared his toys like a pro.  So exciting:)

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A Break In Routine

So, it seems that any break in the routine will lead me to not write.  I apologize for the lapse.  I had to come on during my sacred post-bed time “me time” to mark this wonderful moment: Charlie peed in the potty!  It was bath time.  We had taken off his clothes, and I was waiting for the tub to fill up.   He said he wanted to get in the tub as he was cupping his groin.  I asked if he wanted to get in the tub to go pee.  He said yes, and I told him that he can’t go pee in the tub.  I asked if he wanted to try to go in the potty.  “Nope”.  I said I’d go down stairs and get his little potty.  I came back up and he was trying to get in the bath tub.  I plopped him on the potty and handed him a chocolate (yes I’m stooping to bribery).  As he sat eating the M&M minis I heard the most wonderful sound!!  Having learned from my mistake of being overly enthusiastic with getting dressed (he got scared of my hooplah and didn’t do it again for a week), I just simply said “Oh my, you did it!” and I showed him.  We poured it in the potty and flushed, then went about the rest of bath time.  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?!?  I think tomorrow we will wear just undies.  Skip the training pants.  If he can go in them, he will.

In unexciting news:  I never called the lady from the farmers market.  I feel like now I’ve waited too long… maybe I’ll call… I don’t know.  I also have gotten a little discouraged with my inability to make friends.  I have reverted back to some of my old tendencies.  I’m not proud or happy about it…

In other news, my husband has been gone for 6 days now and its amazing how productive I get when he’s gone.  I think it has something to do with knowing I’m the only one who’s gonna do the things.  Like I often don’t clean up after dinner, thinking that somehow someway he’ll do it.  Even after he goes to bed, I think “maybe he’ll do it in the morning.”  He never does and I end up having yesterday’s and his morning dishes waiting for me in the morning.  And then it seems like too much to do with the kids… basically the kitchen is usually a mess.  I have also begun implementing some new rules with Charlie.  He clears his place now.  He also is confined to one toy at a time.  I super cleaned the play room because Cordelia is now extremely mobile and I am so nervous that she’s going to get something she’s not supposed to have while I’m not paying attention.  Anyway, now the playroom stays clean.  There is also less laundry without Matt’s 3 outfits/day so I even have more time in that department.  All in all… its not terribly hard on me to have him gone.  I mean emotionally, for me and the kids, it sucks… but as far as my work load… its not so bad.

This is good news, because it seems my husband may be getting deployed to Afghanistan.  Not sure the details (nor am I allowed to write about them once I have them) but it seems more than likely that I’ll be on my own for 6 months.  I’m really hoping that I’ll have some friends coming to live with me during that time period.  One friend is coming from California.  She says she’ll definitely stay with me (woo hoo!) and another may or may not be coming from Georgia.  My house is more than big enough to house more people, but I may be losing one (Matt) and gaining up to five!  That will be a change, but a wonderful addition to the house:)  Charlie (and I) will love the company.

Garden News:  Damn rabbits.  My basil is all nibbled down.  Pumpkin is definitely dead.  Carrots are at around 50 days (out of a supposed 60-70 days til harvest) and don’t look even CLOSE to ready to eat.  I kind of suck at this.  Tomatoes are turning red though!

Alright… back to “me time”.  Not even going to proof read this, please disregard any obvious typos.

Thanks for reading

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..Been a While..

Hi everyone!

I know its been a while, but I’ve had some things going on and no time to tell you all about them.  First of all I need to give myself a round of applause.  I found another mommy group that meets nearby.  I went, and though I spent the first hour hiding behind the kids… I found my voice and got pretty friendly with 2 of the women.  One of them has a boy a week younger than Charlie and a little baby girl about the same age as Cordelia.  She lives a little far away (about a half hour) but I think maybe I’ll invite her over.  I still haven’t called that other woman from the farmers market.  It truly has had a lot to do with how busy I’ve been, but I can’t blame it entirely on that.  Anyway, I’ve really been trying to get my house play-date-ready.  I keep cleaning, but things get messier faster than they get cleaner.  Its pretty ridiculous.  I wonder how people do it.  I know I’m not the cleanest person, nor the most organized… but even if I was really good at that stuff…. I just don’t get it, the house can be spotless when I go to bed (not that it ever is) and by noon the next day its destroyed.  

Today was my mom’s 60th birthday.  We got our hair did together while my brother watched Charlie.  Cordelia came with us and had her first lady’s visit to the salon:)  Anyway, we just got home (its 10pm) and I really need to get to bed.  I’ll really try to keep checking in, but Matt leaves tomorrow for a 2 week annual tour.  He’ll be on base for 14 whole days and I’ll be on my own with the kiddos.  My mother in law said she might come out and my mom is game to have us out before she and my dad (who is in China til Tuesday) head off to Honduras on Thursday.  Even with that help, there is still such a break in routine that I will be exhausted and so will the kids.

If I can tear myself away from the Olympic women’s gymnastics all around competition I need some sleep.

G’Nite Thanks for reading!

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Pick and Choose

Charlie liked the magnets!  He didn’t really get the gist of it in the morning.  We put the breakfast magnet up and then had breakfast.  We put the toothbrush magnet up and then brushed our teeth.  We did the same for hand washing, getting dressed… he didn’t really care.  But then I gave him the choice between the Children’s Museum, Petting Zoo and Science Museum magnets.  He picked one and we got straight in the car and went there.  The whole way there we sang “Put put put, the magnet on on on, on the board board board, for some fun” (to the tune of Duke of Earl).  When we got home he went straight to the board and put the magnet for playing with trains on the board and grabbed my hand to bring me down to the play room.  It was so cute.  Then it was time to go to the farmers market I put that magnet up, and he started putting on his shoes:)  He didn’t nap again, so he was too tired to show daddy when he got home.  I hope that will be a fun part of the whole thing.

OK so, I gotta tell you all!  At the farmers market today, I met a woman who has a three year old (who Charlie LOVED) and she has a baby the same age as Cordelia… and she lives near by but is from California, so she’s new to the area too!  I talked to her, and even got up the nerve to mention we should meet up again.  I took her number and everything!  Now, lets hope I get up the nerve to call her.  (I am particularly terrified of phones… I haven’t even called in a pizza in years… I know its stupid).  Its funny, its like mommy dating.  I haven’t been single in over 8 years… but I remember that weird dating mindset where everywhere is a potential date.  That’s how I’ve been feeling.  Everywhere I go I have to be on the look out for a mommy friend:)  Its weird but I guess its the same premise. 

Thanks for reading!

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Times They Are A Changin’

So, today was really bad.  The not napping thing just took it to a whole new level.  The evening was awful.  I think Cordelia is teething.  Charlie was doing everything naughty that he could think of.  I need a new plan of action.  So… I made about 30 magnets, one for each activity that we do (from eating lunch to going to the zoo).  So, I think I’ll have Charlie pick from the magnets what things he wants to do and when.  This will be good for working on recall memory skills because he can look at it at the end of the day and see what he did.  He can even show daddy his day.  Plus I made a few magnets with a picture of his potty on them.  Maybe that will be a little incentive!  I also made some that are just a big star.  These will be for when he does something really special.  Like if he is really helpful with the baby or something.  He can get visually rewarded on his magnet board.

Good idea right?

We’ll try it tomorrow, I’ll let you know how it goes.

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Could Have Been Better

So, thanks to the suggestions from you all, I found a mom’s group that meets up once a week.  Today was the first time I went.  It was a picnic at the park.  I didn’t do very well.  Charlie was thrown off of nap time, so he was being pretty naughty, and I was feeling more anxious than usual.  I had a hard time talking to the other moms.  I think it was because they all already knew each other.  It somehow put a lot more pressure on me.  Anyway, I left early and came home and had music time with the kids.  Charlie didn’t nap at all because we were all off schedule.  I’m tired and I have a headache.  Gotta go make dinner.  Things will be better tomorrow.


Thanks for reading.


Oh right…

 Accomplishments: I painted the laundry room last night after the kids went to bed.  I’m really behind on my to-do list.  Not really sure where this time is gonna come from.  I’m not going to have help, basically for 3 weeks.  I’ll be on my own because my husband is in the air force and he’s going away on his annual tour and his UTA (weekend away)…  I’ll be lucky if my house is still standing come September.

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