New Home, New Life

My husband, 2 children, and I recently moved to our new home out in the ‘burbs.  Coming from a much more urban community, it has been quite the change.  I have never been in the car so much in my life!  I am very used to walking everywhere, and since we moved, our stroller has been gathering dust.  My babies and I have piled into the car every day for weeks, I hope I get used to it soon. We have filled our days with activities (most of them free…more to come on that) and we are finally on a schedule that gives them a designated nap time, the necessary time for me to start this blog.

I have started a garden that I hope will eventually become our source for produce.  I started small because we’re in the throws of summer heat and its not the ideal time to plant many of the things I would like to be growing (or at least trying to grow, I’m a city kid… this is all new to me).  Next year we’ll start in the spring and hopefully get a lot more growing.  Oh! P.S. it was just decided a few weeks ago that backyard chickens will be allowed in my town from now on.  This makes me psyched and I totally want to add that to my list of dreams:)  Anyway, I will have a section of this blog devoted to my garden.

Garden News:    I (with the help of my 2 year old son) started carrots from seed that we planted on the solstice and then I’ve slowly added more since the 4th of July.  We now have 1 each of tomatoes, egg plant, basil, parsley, pumpkin, green pepper, and watermelon that I bought from a nursery.  Also from seed, I have soy beans (a week old and already about 4 inches tall) and kale (which hasn’t emerged just yet).  We’ll see how this goes.  I’m hoping to post pictures of some of these soon.  Also, I’m planning to put in raised beds in the front yard.  That should be interesting… and by that I mean super awesome or a total failure!

Yesterday, I watered the garden pretty late in the afternoon.  This morning, I woke up to about 25 mushrooms in my garden.  I’m not sure what to think about that… but I’ll try to only water in the mornings from now on.  I plucked them all up, but I don’t know how this is effecting the soil and/or the plants.  Another epic fail, so far, is that I didn’t think about rows.  I planted a whole packet of carrot seeds and I just kind of scattered them about in an area that I had tilled.  Well, seems they all grew (much to my surprise) and I was forced to pull out most of them so they are the recommended 3-5 inches apart.  Darn.

I have started a compost pile in my front yard.  I really need to know more about it, I’m kind of just throwing kitchen scraps and yard waste in a pile right now.  I’ll try to find time to read up on that.

I think for my own benefit and sanity, I will have an “Accomplishments” section of this blog.  No one seems to notice the things I do, but perhaps keeping a record will make these minor accomplishments seem a little more proud and worthwhile.  When you have two babies, even the most minute chore should get a round of applause.  Okay, here goes:

Accomplishments:  Yesterday, I spent about 2 hours cleaning the laundry room.  I vacuumed up about 20 spiders and their webs, cleaned years of the previous owners dog hair out of the washing machine, got most of the dried gum out of the dryer, cleaned the stickiest old detergent spills you’ve ever seen and made myself feel that doing laundry is actually getting our clothes cleaner, rather than sketchier… which was my previous assumption.  I also managed to go grocery shopping, do 2 loads of laundry, pay the bills, and clean the kitchen (again).  I made a buffalo chicken calzone for dinner and weeded the garden.

Let’s see, what else is new… I don’t know, I can’t think… Its 90 plus degrees and I’m too hot.  The dryer just buzzed, I’m off to the fresh smelling, clean as a whistle laundry room:)  We’re visiting my parents tomorrow because my dad is headed to China to meet up with my sister.  So.. I’ll check in again on Thursday.

Thanks for reading.



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28 years old. Stay at home mom of 2. From Massachusetts.
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  1. sandra teng says:

    What city do u live in ? I know how u feel I’m a sahm of 3 and we r home most days too ! Don’t give up happiness to u and ur family

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