Little World, Littler Budget

The loss of my salary, when I chose to be a stay-at-home mom, has been really hard to adjust to.  Everything has become a math equation, “I can afford this if I do without that”.  I have become quite fluent in the language of budgeting.  I shop sales with coupons, make things from scratch, and cloth diaper my kids.  I do crazy things like, empty the dehumidifier into the washing machine to save on the water bill.  We all sleep in one room during the summer, so we only have one air conditioner running, and it only goes on at bed time.  I have forgotten what restaurant food tastes like, and my son plays with homemade toys.  His favorites are a cardboard box (left over from the move) that I painted and cut up to be a play house with a door and windows; and some plastic tubing that we wove around the playroom beams and banisters, that he can send his little rubber balls through (like a track).  We get hand-me-down clothes from old friends back home, and some clothes I make myself.  Also, I have worked really hard to put together a full schedule of activities for the kids that is completely free.  For Christmas last year, I asked my parents to get a museum membership in lieu of toys for the kids.  We use that a couple times per week.  We also found a lot of places that are free due to my husband being in the military.  Also we frequent parks, hiking trails, playgrounds, farmers markets, u-pick farms where they have free petting zoo areas.  We do any “free trial” classes we come across, and make our own fun in the back yard.  We ALWAYS pack a lunch and drive a hybrid car to save on gas.  I think its almost become a game to see how little I can spend in a week.

Every time I feel like we’re actually saving money, something happens.  I need a root canal, we find carpenter ants and need an exterminator, my cell phone breaks, or some other calamity arises to rob us of the little money we’ve been able to stash away.  Anyway, all of this has led me to think I should get a job.  I don’t know that I could handle anything more than menial work at this point, because honestly I would need WAY more sleep to function at an intellectual level.  But I was thinking that once my baby girl is 6 months old, I could leave the kids with my husband durring the day on the weekends while I went to work.  Maybe a grocery store or something (it would be nice to have the employee discount too).  Breastfeeding is a big issue to consider.  I HATE pumping and don’t know how the little lady will do without nursing to put her down for her nap.  I would also miss out on the little time I get to spend with my husband.  I would, however, gain time to be Jana, instead of Mom/Wife.  We’ll see, its something to consider though, right?

No news in the accomplishments or garden fronts.  I haven’t gotten a thing done… and I’m okay with that! LOL

Thanks for reading.


About badmamajana

28 years old. Stay at home mom of 2. From Massachusetts.
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