Potty Training?

Today, Charlie went to a free trial class at the gymnastic center.  He took a while to warm up to the class, but by the end of it, he was having a great time.  I wish we had the money to sign him up for the class.  I’ll see what I can come up with, the price is actually pretty reasonable and he would have so much fun.  

Charlie has been getting very good at dressing and undressing himself and I think its time to really start with the potty training.  Unfortunately he gets very nervous every time I mention the potty.  We’ve read books about the potty, tried sitting on it, and singing songs about it… never any pressure to actually pee on it.  I have no idea what has sparked the fear, but he cries every time I even ask him to sit on it.  Its pretty frustrating but I know he’s ready… What to do, what to do!?

Baby Girl is SO close to crawling.  Only 4 months old and she squirms off the blanket in seconds flat.  Its kind of an army crawl.  I’m slightly terrified of her mobility.  The thought of the two of them being able to go off in separate directions makes me sweat.  

Garden News: Tomorrow, I plan to finally plant the green pepper, egg plant, and watermelon that I got from the nursery.  Lets see if that happens:)  I have taken a break from watering the last two days in hopes of discouraging the fungi.  (every time I say that word I think of the joke!  … I’m sure you’ve heard it, but I’ll say it anyway… “a mushroom saw a pretty lady and tried to hit on her, she rolled her eyes at him and he goes ‘aw, come on, i’m a fun-guy’ haha!”)

 Accomplishments: Well, I did a load of laundry… and I’m gonna do the dishes before I go to bed… Impressive huh?  We’ll see what I manage to get done tomorrow.  I have a pretty long list of To-Do’s.  I still haven’t even finished unpacking.

Oh, P.S. I put a letter in the mailbox of one of my neighbors who I’ve seen with a toddler.  Maybe I’ll find myself a Milly (sorry, bad Dick Van Dyke reference… I’m in rare form tonight)

Thanks for reading!


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28 years old. Stay at home mom of 2. From Massachusetts.
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1 Response to Potty Training?

  1. Earthy Mom says:

    My youngest son didn’t want anything to do with potty training either. I had hoped when he went to preschool and saw other kids his age using the potty that he would want to use the potty too. No luck. It was 2 months before his 5th birthday when we were finally diaper free.
    We were going to Disney and I didn’t want to do diapers. I told him that Micky Mouse liked big boys who wore big boy underwear. He couldn’t wait to use the potty then becasue Micky would be so happy.

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