Could Have Been Better

So, thanks to the suggestions from you all, I found a mom’s group that meets up once a week.  Today was the first time I went.  It was a picnic at the park.  I didn’t do very well.  Charlie was thrown off of nap time, so he was being pretty naughty, and I was feeling more anxious than usual.  I had a hard time talking to the other moms.  I think it was because they all already knew each other.  It somehow put a lot more pressure on me.  Anyway, I left early and came home and had music time with the kids.  Charlie didn’t nap at all because we were all off schedule.  I’m tired and I have a headache.  Gotta go make dinner.  Things will be better tomorrow.


Thanks for reading.


Oh right…

 Accomplishments: I painted the laundry room last night after the kids went to bed.  I’m really behind on my to-do list.  Not really sure where this time is gonna come from.  I’m not going to have help, basically for 3 weeks.  I’ll be on my own because my husband is in the air force and he’s going away on his annual tour and his UTA (weekend away)…  I’ll be lucky if my house is still standing come September.


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28 years old. Stay at home mom of 2. From Massachusetts.
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3 Responses to Could Have Been Better

  1. Joyce says:

    Pat yourself on the back for making the effort to go. And go again the next time. The mor you attend the more you’ll get to know the other moms. Step 1 was a success! Yay!

  2. Cristina says:

    I agree with Joyce. You did the hard part by just showing up. EVERY ONE of those mothers has had to deal with a naughty child before. They were probably just relieved that there kid wasn’t the one that was being naughty this time!

    Just throwing this out there. Brendan is going to overnight camp from August 5th to the 10th so if you need a helping hand in watching the kids let me know, it would be my pleasure. I’m up to my eyeballs with vacation time that I haven’t used.

    • badmamajana says:

      not really, they all had babies. the oldest baby was 9 months old… they have no idea.
      if you want to come out at any point during that week it would be great! my parents are in Honduras, and Matt’s got his annual tour!

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