Pick and Choose

Charlie liked the magnets!  He didn’t really get the gist of it in the morning.  We put the breakfast magnet up and then had breakfast.  We put the toothbrush magnet up and then brushed our teeth.  We did the same for hand washing, getting dressed… he didn’t really care.  But then I gave him the choice between the Children’s Museum, Petting Zoo and Science Museum magnets.  He picked one and we got straight in the car and went there.  The whole way there we sang “Put put put, the magnet on on on, on the board board board, for some fun” (to the tune of Duke of Earl).  When we got home he went straight to the board and put the magnet for playing with trains on the board and grabbed my hand to bring me down to the play room.  It was so cute.  Then it was time to go to the farmers market I put that magnet up, and he started putting on his shoes:)  He didn’t nap again, so he was too tired to show daddy when he got home.  I hope that will be a fun part of the whole thing.

OK so, I gotta tell you all!  At the farmers market today, I met a woman who has a three year old (who Charlie LOVED) and she has a baby the same age as Cordelia… and she lives near by but is from California, so she’s new to the area too!  I talked to her, and even got up the nerve to mention we should meet up again.  I took her number and everything!  Now, lets hope I get up the nerve to call her.  (I am particularly terrified of phones… I haven’t even called in a pizza in years… I know its stupid).  Its funny, its like mommy dating.  I haven’t been single in over 8 years… but I remember that weird dating mindset where everywhere is a potential date.  That’s how I’ve been feeling.  Everywhere I go I have to be on the look out for a mommy friend:)  Its weird but I guess its the same premise. 

Thanks for reading!


About badmamajana

28 years old. Stay at home mom of 2. From Massachusetts.
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1 Response to Pick and Choose

  1. Cristina says:

    Awesome news! Call her! Call her! Call her!!!! Charlie is super smart and giving him these magnets was a really great idea. You’re such a great mom….now CALL HER! CALL HER! CALL HER! LOL I’m praying for your success always.

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