A Break In Routine

So, it seems that any break in the routine will lead me to not write.  I apologize for the lapse.  I had to come on during my sacred post-bed time “me time” to mark this wonderful moment: Charlie peed in the potty!  It was bath time.  We had taken off his clothes, and I was waiting for the tub to fill up.   He said he wanted to get in the tub as he was cupping his groin.  I asked if he wanted to get in the tub to go pee.  He said yes, and I told him that he can’t go pee in the tub.  I asked if he wanted to try to go in the potty.  “Nope”.  I said I’d go down stairs and get his little potty.  I came back up and he was trying to get in the bath tub.  I plopped him on the potty and handed him a chocolate (yes I’m stooping to bribery).  As he sat eating the M&M minis I heard the most wonderful sound!!  Having learned from my mistake of being overly enthusiastic with getting dressed (he got scared of my hooplah and didn’t do it again for a week), I just simply said “Oh my, you did it!” and I showed him.  We poured it in the potty and flushed, then went about the rest of bath time.  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?!?  I think tomorrow we will wear just undies.  Skip the training pants.  If he can go in them, he will.

In unexciting news:  I never called the lady from the farmers market.  I feel like now I’ve waited too long… maybe I’ll call… I don’t know.  I also have gotten a little discouraged with my inability to make friends.  I have reverted back to some of my old tendencies.  I’m not proud or happy about it…

In other news, my husband has been gone for 6 days now and its amazing how productive I get when he’s gone.  I think it has something to do with knowing I’m the only one who’s gonna do the things.  Like I often don’t clean up after dinner, thinking that somehow someway he’ll do it.  Even after he goes to bed, I think “maybe he’ll do it in the morning.”  He never does and I end up having yesterday’s and his morning dishes waiting for me in the morning.  And then it seems like too much to do with the kids… basically the kitchen is usually a mess.  I have also begun implementing some new rules with Charlie.  He clears his place now.  He also is confined to one toy at a time.  I super cleaned the play room because Cordelia is now extremely mobile and I am so nervous that she’s going to get something she’s not supposed to have while I’m not paying attention.  Anyway, now the playroom stays clean.  There is also less laundry without Matt’s 3 outfits/day so I even have more time in that department.  All in all… its not terribly hard on me to have him gone.  I mean emotionally, for me and the kids, it sucks… but as far as my work load… its not so bad.

This is good news, because it seems my husband may be getting deployed to Afghanistan.  Not sure the details (nor am I allowed to write about them once I have them) but it seems more than likely that I’ll be on my own for 6 months.  I’m really hoping that I’ll have some friends coming to live with me during that time period.  One friend is coming from California.  She says she’ll definitely stay with me (woo hoo!) and another may or may not be coming from Georgia.  My house is more than big enough to house more people, but I may be losing one (Matt) and gaining up to five!  That will be a change, but a wonderful addition to the house:)  Charlie (and I) will love the company.

Garden News:  Damn rabbits.  My basil is all nibbled down.  Pumpkin is definitely dead.  Carrots are at around 50 days (out of a supposed 60-70 days til harvest) and don’t look even CLOSE to ready to eat.  I kind of suck at this.  Tomatoes are turning red though!

Alright… back to “me time”.  Not even going to proof read this, please disregard any obvious typos.

Thanks for reading


About badmamajana

28 years old. Stay at home mom of 2. From Massachusetts.
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3 Responses to A Break In Routine

  1. Linda J Hook says:

    Call the lady from the farmers market already.

    • badmamajana says:

      I feel like I can’t just call… do I need an event to invite them to? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll see them again at the farmers market tomorrow and I can apologize.

  2. Cristina says:

    Kudos For Charlie! So happy to hear he’s catching on.

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